The Web


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  • ISBN: 978-0345530868
  • My Rating: 6/10

Psychologist Alex Delaware – together with his girl-friend – is invited to a small island to help Dr. Moreland analyze his medical records and to figure out whether they contain something worth publishing. However, that is not the real reason for the invitation as he soon finds out...

The Web is a mediocre thriller. The first half of the book is rather long-winded, and the second half feels constructed and a bit unrealistic.

Some quotes from the book

"Who says it was a he?" – "Girls don't peep through other people's windows."

They lumbered toward us, holding hands. Half an hour ago they'd been assaulting each other with words.

If the two of them had kids, they probably sounded like tugboat horns.

The shots weren't any worse than some of the ones Milo had shown me, which is to say they'd be additions to my nightmare file.

He looked as comfortable as an eunuch in a locker room.

"Sometimes under the guise of helping people we do terrible things."

"TV is multiple-choice rubbish."

"You always say we're an odd couple – the guy dealing with feelings, the girl wielding power tools."

"You can be my therapeut." – "Nope." – "Why not?" – "Ethical considerations. I want to keep sleeping with you."

"When your worst fantasy comes true, you find out you can handle things."

"I'm just one third of a dinky-shit three-man police force on a dinky-shit island."

Taking hold of his cheeks, he tugged down and created a sad-clown face, horribly at odds with the laughter.

"Shut up and listen. You're an animal – and that animal's a pig."

He looked like a skeleton coated with wax.

"Reality is... to a good extent what we want it to be."

"When you get down to it, making the best of a bad situation is the heart of creativity."

I'd turned him into a sieve.