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  • ISBN: 978-0345505750
  • My Rating: 5/10

Psychologist Alex Delaware acts as an expert in a lawsuit between two sisters, in which the rich sister wants the parental responsibility for her sister's baby. The rich sister loses the lawsuit, and tries to hire a killer to kill Alex Delaware. But then she gets murdered herself. And her sister and the baby disappear. This, of course, makes the sister the prime suspect. Detective Milo Sturgis and Alex Delaware start their investigations...

I didn't like Killer much, the plot is just too unbelievable and constructed. Which is a pity because the underlying idea was good and I like the two main characters, Alex Delaware and Milo Sturgis.

Quotes from the book

"The bad news is someone wants to kill you. The good news is it hasn't happened, yet."

"You're unbelievably lucky, Dr. Delaware. The only reason the plan wasn't put in action was the person Dr. Sykes hired to kill you only wanted to be a broker and the person he turned to just happened to know you." She smiled. "Apparently, there are bad guys who think you're a good guy."

"Life is be-yootiful, got what they call a thriving business."

Movie-star face, pinup body, the eyes of an IRS auditor.

"She's a hippie flake. I took anything she told me with a grain of sustainable granola."

"Techies get to her apartment?" - "Not yet, because Martolo – the landlord – punted to her lawyer who refused entrance just for the sake of being an asshole."

I was thinking. Again. About it. How close I'd come to being a morgue statistic. Who'd miss me, who wouldn't.

"Someone got killed?" Without looking at him, Wright said, "That's what murder usually means."

Wright plucked a corn chip out of a lava-rock bowl, nibbled nonstop like a rabbit on meth.

"People watch cop shows, it's like homeschooling for amateur criminals."

After witnessing countless one-finger salutes, window-muted snarls, red faces, and bulging eyes, I wondered what it would take for a traffic jam to turn into a terrible headline.

The homeless shelters were as fully booked as Oscar after-parties.

"I like you just the way you are, as an asshole."