The Weeping Girl


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  • ISBN: 978-1447216582
  • My Rating: 5/10

In 1983 a young girl named Winnie was killed by her teacher, who ended up in a mental hospital after his conviction. Sixteen years later, his daughter Mikaela becomes eighteen and her mother tells her who her real father is. She decides to visit him. But after the visit, she disappears. A few days later, her father also disappears. And a friend of Winnie is found buried in the sand on the beach. Inspector Ewa Moreno, who is on vacation in the region and who has met the weeping Mikaela on the train, starts with her own investigations...

I found The Weeping Girl an average crime novel: The story was rather boring and long-winded, without action. And also the character of inspector Ewa Moreno was too average. An interesting idea was, however, the side story of one of her colleagues at the police being a pedophile.

Quotes from the book

"You really are smashing, Winnie – I get a hard-on every time I walk past your house."

"He made her pregnant, then he killed her. My husband."

Yes, they had every reason to believe that a crime had been committed. It was difficult to die a natural death in that way, and then dig oneself down into the sand.

"[...] all the others have just ignored me, and looked God in the arse when I've bumped into them in town."

"This poor Van Rippe – I can't help wondering about how he came to die. It's a damned unusual way of murdering people, sticking something in his eye, isn't it?"

"We haven't had a single response to the Wanted notice – not even the usual loonies who always ring to say that they've seen the devil and his auntie."