Silent Mercy


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  • ISBN: 978-0451413154
  • My Rating: 5/10

The body of a decapitated woman is found at a church in New York. Her head is discovered outside of another church. A bit later another dead woman is found at yet another church, with the tongue missing. While detective Mike Chapman and Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Cooper investigate the two murders, a third woman disappears...

I found Silent Mercy a rather boring book. Especially all the details about the different churches didn't interest me much. And while I liked the main characters, Mike Chapman and Alexandra Cooper, the story itself felt too constructed and unrealistic. A leper as a killer felt too far-fetched.

Quotes from the book

"I take it you've met Ms Cooper." - "About six rapes and thirty-seven domestic assaults ago."

It wasn't the kid's doing that her father was a horse's ass.

"We're with Missing Persons, Ms Cooper and me. We're looking for a young woman who went missing." It was a long-standing police department tactic. People were always much more willing to cooperate to find someone who may have just run away than become ensnared in an ugly murder investigation.

"I've got rights, don't I?" - "The closest you come to that on this friggin' train is having my right fist in your face."

"They are not dangerous, of course. They are police officers."