Look Again


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  • ISBN: 978-0312380731
  • My Rating: 7/10

Reporter Ellen Gleeson receives a missing child flyer in her mail. The kidnapped boy on the flyer looks like her adopted, three-year old son Will. Curious, but also afraid of what might happen if Will is really the kidnapped boy, Ellen starts to investigate...

I enjoyed Look Again, it is well-written and I liked the author's writing style. She describes really well the dilemma Ellen Gleeson faces: should she try to figure out the truth even if it could mean losing her son? The end was a bit too predictable.

Quotes from the book

"What if I told you that Will might really be a boy named Timothy Braverman, who was kidnapped from a family in Florida, two years ago?"

Ellen spent the evening in her home office, figuring out where and how to find the proof that Will was or wasn't Timothy. It was nutty to try to prove something she didn't want to be true, but she didn't have to decide now what to do after she learned the facts. She could find out, then decide whether to keep Will or, inconceivably, to give him up.

"You know, if you live long enough, you realize there's nothing you can't handle. I lost my husband and I lost my kid sister. If you asked me, I never would've thought that I'd be standing here afterwards. Life makes you strong, and death makes you strong, too."