Don't Let Go


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  • ISBN: 978-1101984277
  • My Rating: 9/10

Fifteen years ago Detective Napoleon "Nap" Dumas' twin brother Leo and Leo's girlfriend Diana were found dead on the rail tracks and it was never clarified whether it was a suicide or an accident. Also his own girlfriend Maura disappeared after this event. He kept searching for her, without luck. Until one day her fingerprints turn up in connection with the killing of a cop they both went to school with.

Don't Let Go was a page turner. It's well written with an interesting main character, Nap Dumas, and many twists. The story is cleverly constructed with a surprising end. Only the scene with the waterboarding felt a bit over the top, although the writing itself feels very realistic, as if the author experienced it himself...

Quotes from the book

"Walk me through it", I say. "You aren't here as an investigator", Bates snaps. "You want to have a pissing contest", I ask, "or you want to catch a cop killer?"

"Hey, you can't park here." I turn toward him and gesture with the phone to indicate I'm kinda busy. His face reddens. [...] "Listen, assho-" I open my car door fast, smacking him in the face. [...] Simon Fraser gently puts his hand to his face as if checking for... "No blood", I say, "yet." - "Is that a threat?" - "Yeah, could be."

"I'm... I'm calling the police." - "No need. [...] I'm a cop. What can I do for you?" - "You're a police officer?" - "I am." His face turns a tad redder. "I'll have your badge." - "For illegal parking?" - "For assault." - "The car door? That was an accident, sorry."

"If you release that tape, Detective Dumas, I'll kill you and everyone you love. Do I make myself clear?" - "Crystal." I nod. Then I reach out, grab him by the balls, and squeeze. His scream shatters the night air.

"You'll make up a story now. You'll probably make up new stories the first time or two I take you through this process. That's why critics call torture unreliable. You're desperate. You'll say anything for a reprieve. But that won't work with me. I know all the tricks. Eventually you will crack. Eventually you will tell me the truth." Maybe, but I know one thing for certain: Once he has the tape, he'll kill me. [...] So no matter what, I can't give in.