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  • ISBN: 978-1444713435
  • My Rating: 6/10

A novice nun, who had an affair with a priest and was pregnant, is found garroted in the convent's chapel. The detectives Rick Bentz and Reuben Montoya are tasked with the investigation. But they are not the only ones. Valerie Houston, the victim's sister and an ex-cop, and her husband Slade believe the police doesn't do enough and so they start their own investigations.

The start of Devious didn't convince me and I almost put the book away. Fortunately, it gets better and finally ends with a surprise. However, I think the middle part could have been shorter, there was too much filler material. And I didn't like the concept of a supernatural voice guiding another nun to find the victim.

Quotes from the book

"Nuns don't get pregnant." - "Yeah, usually the celibacy thing takes care of that."

He couldn't imagine Frank O'Toole as a murderer; then again, he'd never have guessed the soccer star would end up a priest [...].

"And Father Frank... well, he just doesn't understand the meaning of celibacy!"

"People make up stories all the time, especially when it makes them look better."

After they had left the building, Bentz had admitted he thought the man was "lying through his orthodontically straightened teeth".

"[...] people have public lives and personal lives and private lives. Everyone sees the public life, the family and close friends are part of the personal life, and then there's the secret life, the one no one but you knows about."