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  • ISBN: 978-0345807151
  • My Rating: 7/10

The Norwegian ambassador in Thailand is found stabbed to death in a shady motel in Bangkok. Detective Harry Hole from the Oslo Police is sent to Thailand to support the Bangkok Police with solving this murder case.

I found Cockroaches an average crime novel. The story is a bit too long-winded and most of the time not much is happening. Only the end is fast and furious. There are also many explanations necessary to understand the resolution because the plot is rather complex.

Quotes from the book

"Ecstasy?" Harry shook his head. Middle-aged Christian Democrats might fuck around, but they do not take E."

"Listen, Miss Ao, the ambassador was found in a motel. You know what that means. It means you weren't the only one he was fucking."

"My God. He looks like a terrible imitation of a Hollywood bad guy."

"Don't provoke me, Mr Hole. I'm afraid my sojourns abroad have caused me to lose my legendary Thai patience." - "After a couple of years behind bars you'll soon have it back."

"What is it about you Thais and heights? According to Tonje Wiig I'm the third Norwegian to be thrown out of a house this week."

"Well, the thought hadn't struck me that any of the women here might not be women."

"Rules are there to be bent."

"Do you see this office? The boss of Barclays Thailand used to sit here. You might be wondering why a lousy broker like me is here. It's because there's only one thing that counts in a brokerage company: how much money you earn. Everything else is decoration. Bosses, too. They're only administrators who are dependent on those of us in the market to keep their jobs and salaries. My boss has now moved to a comfortable office on the floor below because I threatened to go to a competitor with all my clients if I didn't get a better bonus agreement. And this office."

"Man, he should be locked up for his appearance alone."

"If the sentences are so strict here, why are there so many paedophiles?" - "The authorities want Thailand to get rid of its reputation as an Eldorado for paedophiles. It damages legitimate tourism. But inside the police force it isn't a high priority because arresting foreigners only brings trouble."

"I'm almost glad I was locked up for a while. It makes you appreciate the simple things so much more."

She was too drunk for most things, apart from getting even drunker.

"If I'm the most suitable candidate for best man I can't imagine what your social life is like, Jens."